Dust to Bread

A participatory arts project delivered on behalf of Artist As Mother As Artist, an Arts Council funded exhibition curated by Tracey Kershaw and Sam Rose. I worked together with the curators and two groups of parents, their children and a group of women to bake bread from the dust in...

M/OTHER VOICES Column: The Miserable Mother

"A mother needs to know herself, to own up to the diverse, contradictory, often overwhelming feelings evoked by motherhood. It doesn't matter whether she stays at home, goes out to work, is partnered or single. Only a mother who can face her own inner turbulence can make sense of her...

Artist As Mother As Artist

Description of  Exhibition & Associated Events: Artist as Mother as Artist 22 April- 19 May Featuring Nicola Canavan, Nicola Carter in collaboration with Seraina Dejaco, Paula Chambers, Amy Dignam, Rachel Fallon, Dinah Gold, Tracey Kershaw, Jessica Paige Greig, Sam Rose, Helen Sargeant, Eti Wade, Zoo Indigo. Artist as Mother as...

M(other) & Sons

A series that plays with making collaborative composite drawings by me and my two sons. I bring together opposing elements, marks, motifs and characters from each of our drawing practices to explore my own maternal identity and the relationship my children hold with me.

Playground drawings

The line that begins a journey, a game, play. You encourage me to follow and trace the lines that you have made. I twist and turn on your line. We laugh together. The line that connects me to you. An umbilical line.

Tarmac & Skin


The fountain

A series of drawings about the female body produced throughout the autumn of 2015. Thinking about the body as container, lactation, sexuality, fertility. Abundant milk and being drained of milk. The cervix opening and closing. Connectivity.    

Self Portraits as Mother

A series of photographic self portraits that attempt an alternative view to idealised images of mother.

Project AfterBirth

I am delighted that  Don’t scribble me out will be shown as part of the wonderful Project AfterBirth exhibition. 30 international artists. One ground breaking new exhibition. EXHIBITION: Project AfterBirth GALLERY: White Moose DATES: Sat 3 Oct 2015 – Fri 13 Nov 2015 TIMES: Tuesday – Saturday 11 am – 5...

Ma Ma/ Boo Boo

The film utilises 215 intimate family photographs and home video footage taken by the artist, together with autobiographical prose that weaves a journey through Helen's thoughts, feelings and experiences of breastfeeding.

M(other) Stories

"Autobiographical writing is juxtaposed with photographs taken at home and during the school run using my smart phone camera. Photographs record the ever shifting, transitory time I share with my family. There are shadow portraits of me and my son playing, of my son sleeping, intimate observations of his body...

Her Family

Playing with embedding my children's drawings into my own, thinking about the body of the mother and the child, gender, sexuality, nurture and protection.

The egg, the womb the head and the moon

  “The egg, the womb, the head and the moon” www.eggwombheadmoon.com,  has been created to show existing work and research-driven practice about the maternal by the Mewe arts collective in response to the title. The site includes documentation of visual art work, video, sound, performance and texts by members of Mewe, including contextual dialogue...

Stone Soup

Making “Stone Soup” with my son, like that in the fairy tale. Performance made as part of The Egg The Womb The Head & The Moon    
Latest entries

The milk and the blood

8th -22nd March 2013: Ebor Studios, Littleborough Opening Friday, 8th March 6-8pm

Birth: Party Surprise

Birth: Party Surprise (2013) are a series of pencil and ink drawings that use public images of You Tube birth videos together with my personal experiences of giving birth.

Actions made alone in landscape after school drop off.

A series of  short sactions made outside walking in the landscape near my home after dropping my youngest son off at school. These sketches deal directly with my feelings of being confined and frustrated by my role as Mother and are an attempt to release emotions into the landscape through my actions. The performances are...

Love, protection, confinement and freedom

I went to see the film “Room” directed by Lenny Abrahamsson and based on the screen play and book of the same name by Emma Donoghue. It was a profoundly moving experience that got me thinking about my home as sanctuary and as a place of confinement, maternal love, protection, and  freedom. I started to think...


At home time my youngest son Naoise excitedly handed me an orange covered book with “me, mummy” written on the front that he wants to use to draw pictures of “me in my mummy’s tummy when she was pregnant and him in my tummy when I was pregnant.” In this video Naosie can be seen drawing me developing inside my...

Disrupted family portrait

Video from M(other) Stories, 4th May 2015 

Visualising Birth through Art

A relaxing and creative workshop with expert one to one tuition, support and guidance from an experienced artist. Suitable for anyone with an interest in birth and art, no previous art experience necessary, open to all adult learners. Particularly suited to Artists, Pregnant Women, Doulas, Midwives, Health, Care & Social workers. Imagining and expressing birth...

The child inside the mother

Tracing and copying lines and gestures from Naoise drawings, collaging these into family photographs fusing together the present and the past, exploring mother/daughter relationships.

The egg, the womb, the head and the moon exhibition review

By Rebecca Baillie The strength of the recently concluded exhibition in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire – the egg, the womb, the  head and the moon – was in its inclusivity and openness. To create a structure and then to renounce control  is difficult; difficult when parenting, difficult when curating and difficult to do as an...

Visual journalling- expressing your life through art

Is there a story form your life that you would like to tell with pictures ? An aspect of your self, identity or daily experiences that you would like to express visually ? If so this exciting 10 week course created by Helen Sargeant is for you. We will be looking at the intersection between...


I will be exhibiting two recent drawings from Birth: Party Surprise series as part of the Freeze group exhibition at the Artsmill Gallery in Hebden Bridge. The opening  is on Sunday 17th November 2pm-4pm with wine and cakes, all welcome to this winter warming of art.

Arts, Health and Social Care Symposia Series

The egg, the womb, the head and the moon will be exhibited and presented as part of the Arts, Health and Social Care Symposia Series at The University of Salford on the 19th November 2013. This is a free event and you can book by following the link detailed in the information below Arts, Health...

The egg, the womb, the head and the moon.

The egg, the womb, the head and the moon is an online, interdisciplinary, collaborative arts project that will  be exhibited as part of the AHRC Motherhood in Post-1968 Women’s Writing: Cross Cultural and Interdisciplinary Dialogues conference at the University of London’s Senate House on Thursday 24th, Friday 25th and Saturday 26th October 2013, and on Friday 25th October, I will be delivering...


https://youtu.be/cKXpSno_KSM We are stuck together, forever bound to our children, always mother’s. Video from Mummification: The Egg The Womb The Head & The Moon